New report unveils deteriorating roads costing Memphis drivers thousands

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new study evaluating Tennessee’s roads detail how deteriorating conditions are costing Memphis drivers thousands per year, on average.

"The state's economy is literally riding on this transportation system,” said Carolyn Kelly, a transportation researcher for T.R.I.P., a D.C. based research company. Kelly detailed how road conditions need to improve.

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“Throughout the state, about one-fifth are in either poor, or mediocre condition," Kelly said.

In Memphis, Kelly said it's even worse, with one of every two road miles in poor condition.

She said, this means more than potholes and a rough ride... This hits drivers' wallets on the back end.

"This extra operating cost comes in the form of accelerated vehicle depreciation, additional tire wear and also additional repair costs," she explained.

In total, the average driver in Memphis loses about $2,019 a year because of road conditions. More than any other major city in the state.

“In order to maintain competitive edge we need to invest in roads,” said Dexter Muller, a consultant with the Tennessee Infrastructure Alliance

Muller believes poor roads don't just affect wallets, it's puts safety and the environment at risk.

"If you're sitting in roads that means you're just continuing to put out pollution out of your automobile," he said.

The State of Tennessee has included infrastructure in it's Improve Act. For more detailed information, click here.