New robot can create salads for University of Memphis students


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Have you ever looked ahead to the future and wonder, ‘when are we going to be like the Jetsons?’

With technology advancing so much, we are certainly on our way.

FOX13 has learned about a new machine at the University of Memphis that’s making students easier, and healthier.

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College students, we know you have it rough between classes and having to balance homework and extracurricular activities, you may not always be thinking about what you’re putting in your body.

Insert Sally the robot! It’s an option for the University of Memphis students, giving them a quick and healthier food choice.

With a touch of a button, the University of Memphis students can have a salad whipped up in minutes.

Glendel Coble, district manager of Chowbotics at the University of Memphis, told FOX13, “Sally is automated so you can make your salads to order.”

Chowbotics is the company that created Sally. In the crazy hustle and bustle lifestyle of a college student, Sally’s goal is to get students to eat healthier.

Meet Sally the robot! A new food option for University of Memphis students. How it's helping students eat healthy, without hurting their wallets, TODAY on FOX13 News at 5.