New scam targets college students trying to save money on textbooks

WATCH: Textbook scam targeting college students

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — College students and parents – this story is for you.

We have a warning about a scam that targets those looking to save some money on their textbooks.

You can still go to the bookstore and buy used textbooks if they are available. However, this college student believes she got scammed despite taking the extra steps to protect herself.

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A textbook almost sent graduate student Abigail Hitchon down a rabbit hole to financial ruin.

It cost about $100 to buy the book brand new, but Hitchon wanted to find a cheaper alternative like an e-book.

“Well I did my research as a good student does," Hitchon said.

She searched Google and found Scanned the website and it seemed alright, but Hitchon was still skeptical.

"I am giving them access to my debit card information."

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Time was running out and Hitchon made the purchase.

She waited for the email confirmation and got nothing but learned the company had already withdrawn $41 for the book and had access to hundreds more.

Hitchon decided to cut her loses and called the bank.

"I got scammed I need you to shut down my account," Hitchon said. She told us $41 could be a week of groceries for her.

FOX13 went online and emailed the company for an explanation. We also googled its physical address and discovered ... it's a parking lot in California.

We also called the customer service number. The voice recording was from someone named Joe, telling people this number is not connected to the website.

Hitchon got her bank to stop the purchase and refund her money, but had to purchase the textbook from the book at the full price.

To other students, she has a warning.

"I did everything right, just be vigilant because we are a vulnerable population."