New signs in Germantown hope to end Drowsy Driving

WATCH: New signs in Germantown hope to end Drowsy Driving

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — On May 5, 2002, Germantown Native Kyle Kiihnl was taking a walk in his neighborhood with a friend when he was hit and killed by someone who was driving tired.

This tragedy left a hole in the Kiihnl family. Kyle’s aunt, Kathi Wright, told FOX13 it took the family a while to come to terms with what happened. “All we could think of is this is craziness why us,” said Wright. 17 years later, and Wright and Kyle’s family have taken this tragedy and turned it into a lesson for teen drivers.

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“We have spent the last 8 years traveling across the state of TN educating teens,” said Wright.

On Thursday morning, Germantown Mayor Mike Palazzolo unveiled a “Don’t Drive Drowsy” sign that will be posted across the city. “It is a high priority for us. We don't have any more of a problem than any other community but is something we focus on continuously,” Palazzolo told FOX13.

One sign is located outside of Germantown City Hall at the intersection of Germantown Road and Farmington Boulevard. “To save one life. One life. We want to save a million lives. We want to see TN be the first state to have a reduction in drowsy driving crashes,” said Wright.

Signs will be posted near Houston High School and Germantown High School. Wright hopes to one day have these signs posted all across the state of Tennessee.