New state law requires school district to share information with charter schools

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County Schools is locked in a tug-of-war over data. Contact information to be exact.

A new Tennessee state law requires public school districts to release that information to charter schools.

This info would allow charter schools to recruit potential students.

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Nashville Metro Schools refused to release the addresses and other ways to reach the parents, and are now in a facing a lawsuit from the state.

But as Shelby County refuses to comply, the chance of them being named could change.

FOX13 reached out to the Tennessee Department of Education to ask if SCS will be named.

They sent the following statement:

“Shelby is still deciding to whether to comply, where as Metro has made its decision already. Given that, it is appropriate to file here and then review Shelby’s decision to decide if litigation is necessary.”

On Tuesday, the Shelby County School Board met for a work session. More than a dozen parents with Memphis Lift sat in the audience, hoping for a chance to hand them a petition. But in a work session, public comments aren’t allowed.

“It frustrating,” Sarah Carpenter with Memphis Lift said. “They talking about all the legal stuff, but when are they going to talk about the students.”

Carpenter called Dorsey Hopson out by name on Saturday at a news conference. She demanded that he released the data.

“It’s about options. We are parents deserve to know their options are,” Carpenter said.

Many members said SCS is only declining to give the information over because SCS doesn’t want to lose the money.

Board Member Shante Avant told FOX13 is comes down to protecting the students information.

“We had parents contact us and were concerned about privacy,” Avant said.

The school board will be meeting on Tuesday with legal counsel to decide what to do next.