• New website features public court filings, feedback in light of city spying on local activists

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - An update on the ongoing litigation involving the city of Memphis…after it was found guilty of spying on several community activists.

    The independent monitor put in charge will unveil a website that keeps the public updated on court filings.

    On the website now, you can find at least 16 court filings.

    One community activist said he’s optimistic about the content on the website and that it will bring tons of transparency.

    “This type of accountability. At least I’m optimistic. That is accountability and not a show to die this thing down,” Pastor Devante Hill, from One Church Memphis said.

    The website comes after a federal judge ruled the city of Memphis violated a consent decree by spying on several community activists.

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    The website displays court filings and reports from the independent monitor, led by former U.S. Attorney, Ed Stanton III.

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    Hill is one of the activists who police spied on for four months and his name was placed on the infamous ‘Black List,’ when the city required some people to have an escort if they visited City Hall.

    He said police illegally spied on his Facebook activity.

    “Being barred from the City Hall and having to ride down the expressway and pull up to your home and notice a car has been following you the entire time from all the way across the city,” Hill said.

    The website also allows for public feedback.

    Hill said the move to make the findings public is a step in the right direction.

    “This degree of accountability and transparency, I think the initial incident I was a victim of wouldn’t have happened,” he said.

    Thursday evening, a community engagement forum was hosted by the independent monitor at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church in Midtown.

    For more information on the independent monitor, click here.

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