North Carolina woman wanted for murder of her husband now living in Tipton County

TIPTON CO., Tenn. — Police are looking for a North Carolina woman who is indicted for the murder of her husband who was found dead inside their home last year.

An order for Brenda McCutcheon was issued Wednesday morning.

The indictment issued by the state of North Carolina charges Brenda McCutcheon of first degree murder for the death of her husband Dr. Frank McCutcheon.

The 64-year-old plastic surgeon was found dead inside their North Carolina home from an apparent gunshot wound July 16, 2016.

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According to the indictment, Brenda McCutcheon now lives in a home on Sunnyside Road in Brighton, TN.

FOX13 went to the address listed on the indictment, but no one came to the door.

Neighbors told FOX13 they didn’t know McCutcheon, but were surprised to hear someone in the area was indicted for murder.

“I guess for here, if it was like a big city like Memphis or something I wouldn’t be so surprised,” Neighbor Pamela Butterfield said.

“But being out here like this and everything, but it didn’t happen here she just moved here.”

The night of the shooting, Brenda McCutcheon called 911 and told the dispatcher she found her husband dead.

Warrants show McCutcheon denied shooting her husband.

Chief Billy Daugherty of the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office said no information regarding McCutcheon was in the Tipton County System, but he contacted the Buncombe County Sheriff's Department in North Carolina.

"Spoke with the detective there," Daugherty said. "Indicated to me that there had been an indictment, but the information had not been released and referred me to the district attorney's office. I've attempted multiple times yesterday evening and today to contact them to no avail."

He said anyone with information should call police.

"Obviously if there is someone residing in our county that's wanted for murder we want to bring them to justice and secure them so that our residents in Tipton County are safe," Daugherty said.