North Memphis man, 75, claims someone posing as contractor scammed him out of nearly $10K

WATCH: North Memphis man, 75, claims someone posing as contractor scammed him out of nearly $10K

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 75-year-old North Memphis man said a man posing as a contractor scammed him out of nearly $10,000.

The victim – Ozell Russell – said he signed loan papers hoping the man would at least take the money to complete renovations around his home.

Replacing the windows and maybe one or two other renovations to his home is all Russell planned to do after getting a flyer off his door.

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"They took advantage of me,” Russell said.

Russell said he reached out to the supposed contractor behind the flyer who worked for a company called “Renovate One” to do some work.

Russell told FOX13’s Jeremy Pierre the man who only went by Howard contacted him a day after speaking over the phone.

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Russell said he never mentioned money, only making renovations to his home.

"He got my identity and went to the banks,” Russell said.

Russell said the man asked for his identification and social security card. A day later he took Russell to two banks.

Russell said he blindly signed loan papers for nearly $10,000.

Russell shared with FOX13 the last voicemail the man left on his phone.

"What he did was wrote all this stuff down and he came back the next day and he went to World Finance," Russell said.

The largest sum of money came from Sun Trust Bank for $6,200.

FOX13 called Renovate One while sitting with Russell, but no one answered.

The flyer said the business is in Clark Tower. FOX13 went to Clark Tower and didn’t find the business in the building’s directory.

"He need to be honest enough to bring it back so everything can be alright, so I can be alright too,” Russell said.

Detectives said they are working with Sun Trust Bank to review surveillance video to get a photo of the man.

Robert Robell, who said he represents the company accused of scamming Russell, told FOX13 he plans to refund the victim his money.