• Number of child deaths from violence increases in Memphis

    By: Marius Payton


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The number of child deaths in Memphis from violence continues to grow.

    10-year-old Richard Jordan III was shot and killed Monday afternoon while in a car.

    Many are asking the question, "How do we keep our children safe?"

    FOX13 was at a meeting where several groups got together to find an answer to that very question. 

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    There is not an easy answer, but the complexity of the issue didn’t stop a group of people from gathering on Tuesday to figure out how Memphis can stop burying kids as victims of violence.

    When you look at their faces, their eyes, their smiles, you see hope. You see dreams. Those dreams are shattered when children become victims of violent crimes in Memphis. Innocent lives are taken without reason.

    "Now you have 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 year old kids getting killed... it's heart aching," said Stephen Allmond of 38126 Squad, a community action group.

    "Heartbroken. Sadness. No understanding of it. It's senseless to me. These kids deserve to live," added Trina Parker-Blue of 901 Coalition.

    It's because of the kids that these groups gathered Tuesday evening searching for answers as to how to protect Memphis children from violence.

    The city has had 27 kids under the age of 18 die from homicide in the streets just this year. 22 children died from homicides in 2016. "How do we end the violence?" is the question.

    "That's the million dollar question. That's probably the most significant question of all," Allmond said. "The guns need to be taken away, and when these harsh and violent crimes are happening with these kids, I'm all for it. I'm all for it. They deserve all the time," said Parker-Blue.

    The group promised to unite with other community groups to attack the streets and engage with the kids, hoping to stop violence before it starts.

    Their goal is to stop burying Memphis kids over senseless violence.

    "We are not going to stop. We're not going to stop, and we're not going to give up," sighed Parker-Blue.

    Ms. Parker Blue is very passionate about this issue.

    She told FOX13 just last week her father was shot in a home invasion robbery, and just last year her Goddaughter was gunned down on Beale street just days before she was scheduled to join the military. 

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