Officials: State representative candidate shoots wife, kills himself inside local medical clinic

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Officers are investigating a double deadly shooting involving a state representative candidate at a Marshall County clinic.

The shooting happened inside the Williams Medical Clinic in Potts Camp, Miss. around 10 a.m. Tuesday. Details revealed a man shot his wife and then shot himself.

According to Coroner James Anderson, the victims were identified as Carl Robinson, 43, and Latoya Thompson, 33. Both victims were residents of Lamar, Miss.

Three staff members tried to help Thompson after she was shot.

According to Sheriff Kenny Dickerson with Marshall County, staff attempted to perform CPR on Thompson to resuscitate her, but she died before she could be airlifted to a hospital.

Robinson killed himself shortly after shooting Thompson, investigators said.

Robinson was running for state representative in Mississippi, officials confirmed. According to Robinson's campaign Facebook page, he was running in District 5 for the upcoming election.

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Nurse Tammy Wiseman was in the clinic when the shooting happened, and she rushed to Thompson’s aid.

“When we got to her she never did respond to us. We were doing what we could do, CPR, and when the ambulance got here she did leave with rhythm and hope,” Wiseman said.

Dr. Kenneth Williams, who owns and runs the clinic, told FOX13 he arrived shortly after the shooting and also tried to resuscitate Thompson.

“We did try to resuscitate her, and she was gone, but she did get her rhythm back,” Williams said. “We got her rhythm back and got her loaded up and taken to the field for the helicopter. While she was over there, her rhythm went out twice and she didn’t make it.”

Williams said his staff is crushed, still trying to process what happened Tuesday morning.

“I tell people this is the closest thing to Mayberry that I have ever seen,” he said. “I never expected anything like it, and we have a lot of hurt people. We have lost someone who is part of our family, and we will take it day to day.”

FOX13 went back to Lamar, where both Thompson and Robinson grew up. We met with Thompson’s family, who said they aren’t sure what happened between the couple leading up to the shooting.

“She was a real nice girl, friendly and would help you do anything,” said Joe Patterson, a neighbor.

Patterson said he knew both Robinson and Thompson through the years. He is sad to see they won’t be around any more.