Old casino boat catches fire near President's Island

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A riverboat that has been parked for weeks on McKellar Lake near President's Island caught fire Thursday afternoon.

The Coast Guard made contact and told FOX13 the old casino boat was not moving or planning to move when the fire sparked. Fire officials confirmed with FOX13 it was schedule to be demolished.

PHOTOS: Old casino boat catches fire near President's Island

“Demolition were working to salvage this boat when it ignited,” said Wayne Cooke of the Memphis Fire Department.

A crew member was scrapping the inside of the boat at the time, but he was left uninjured.

Mark Dancy works at the salvage yard where the fire happened. He told FOX13 he saw the smoke.

“I was moving some asphalt out of the way and I saw smoke coming out of it and when I went out there I saw the bar area was on fire,” he said.

$5,000 gallons worth of diesel was on-board, but the Coast Guard said that was not the reason it caught on fire.

We're working to learn more information and will update this story as it becomes available.

The boat is still scheduled for demolition.

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