• Ole Miss professor under fire for urging people to harass senators in viral tweet

    By: Tom Dees


    OXFORD, Miss. - An Ole Miss assistant professor is under fire for urging people to aggressively harass senators. 

    Assistant Sociology Professor James Thomas went so far as to say “Don’t just interrupt a Senator’s meal… put your fingers in their salads” in a tweet that went viral. 

    Thomas’ tweet came just days after Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz was heckled at a restaurant for his support of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

    Both the university’s chancellor and the governor of Mississippi have condemned the tweet. 

    “Take their appetizers and distribute them to other diners. Bring Boxes and take their food home with you on the way out. They don’t deserve your civility,” the tweet continued. 

    Ole Miss students had mixed reactions to the tweet. 

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    “I think the tweet just kind of elaborated on his freedom of speech,” said Ole Miss senior Tamera Staples. “Anybody can say what they want to say, but it depends on the platform we have in the world and that’s when people should take caution with what you say.”

    According to his bio, Thomas teaches studies in Historical Racism, Inequality and Cultural Production. 

    Thomas declined an interview request with FOX13. 

    Another student said the tweet was unprofessional. 

    “He should be penalized and get fired, that was out of line,” said Brittany Battle, a freshman. “And if you were a professional there was no reason for you to do that.”

    We have reached out to the chancellor’s office to see if there will be any disciplinary action against Thomas. 

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