• One quarter of SCS students still not registered for school

    By: Jim Spiewak


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The first week of school for the Shelby County School District is in the books. About one quarter of students did not show up to class in the first week.  

    An SCS spokesperson told FOX13 more than 77,000 students were enrolled by Friday, which is about 75% of the projected enrollment. 

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    Stephanie Gatewood a former board member and current employee at Sharpe Elementary said, “Sometimes parents think they don't have to get their kids to school until after labor day and that is absolutely not the case.” 

    Gatewood helps kids enroll at Sharpe. 

    She said she enrolled about 75 students there on Friday adding, “The law states you have to have your kid in school on the third day in school and after day three then they're considered truant.” 

    An SCS spokesperson said they went to great lengths over the summer with various community events to get kids registered early but added many families wait to register late, so having one quarter of the students still to register after week one is not unique to this year. 

    “Teachers can't go back and give them the review, they have to go on because they have a curriculum that they have to follow,” Gatewood said. 

    SCS said, “We cannot stress enough how important it is for families to register on time. Not only do the students who are missing out on instruction time impacted by their absence, when those students do show up for class, it can cause a disruption for the students who started on time”

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