• One shot, security guard injured in Hickory Hill

    By: Jeremy Pierre , Kristin Leigh


    A man is fighting for his life after being shot by security guards at a Hickory Hill apartment complex early Thursday morning.

    Memphis Police told FOX13 a security guard was found lying in the road at the Bella Vista Apartments Hickory Hill, not too far from a blue Dodge voyager. The voyager was involved a four car crash.

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    But police said during the crash, gunshots were fired.

    MPD told FOX13 two security guards approached the blue dodge voyager after witnessing a man smoking marijuana in it.

    Police said the security guards then tried to take the man out of the car.

    Darron Springfield lives near Bella Vista.

    “It’s been a lot going on in this area. I mean it’s constantly a shooting around here in this area,” Springfield said.

    Police said when the guards attempted to take the man out of his car. He put it in reverse and then drove it forward.

    A guard told police he heard gunshots and fired his weapon. Police could not confirm who shot fired a weapon.

    Not even an hour later, police would find the man who was shot across the street at Emperial Properties.

    A police report explained the security guard had an unknown head injury. It does not specifically state how he received the injury.

    “Anyway we got to get some help in this community from the city man. we need it man, I’m talking about if we got to flag police down flag the mayor down if we have to, we need it,” Resident Micko Woods said.

    The security guard was sent to the hospital in non-critical condition.

    The man shot is still in the hospital. At last check, he was listed in critical condition.

    Police told FOX13 this they are still in the process of questioning witnesses to learn what actually happened here.


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