Pack of stray dogs terrorizing Memphis neighborhoods

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A pack of stray dogs is terrorizing one Memphis neighborhood.

FOX13’s Alexa Lorenzo spoke to one woman who said her cat was killed by these dogs.

And the woman caught the dogs roaming around her home on surveillance cameras.

Memphis Animal Services said this pack of dogs has been seen in the Sherwood Forrest Neighborhood, the University of Memphis area and the High Point Terrace community.

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FOX13 looked into the efforts to control the stray problem and the dangers posed to you.

Cindie Kelly has lived in the East Buntyn neighborhood for almost 20 years. She told FOX13 four dogs killed her cat, Binxie.

“We want them off the streets. They are dangerous,” Kelly said. “I mean, they could attack humans.”

She said this same pack has been terrorizing the neighborhood since February.

“People said, ‘Yes, that’s the same dog pack I’ve seen here,’” Kelly said. “One woman says she saw them kill her cat. So, it is the same pack.”

Memphis Animal Services Director, Alexis Pugh, told FOX13 they are treating this like police would treat any investigation.

“These guys are street savvy,” Pugh said. “We think that they’ve been out together for a while. So, it’s all about community information.”

Memphis Anmial Services has been looking for the dogs for two days now.

“It really is so difficult if you think about it,” Pugh said. “You know, trees, houses, yards, drainage ditches, culvers – all of these sorts of things make it very easy for dogs that don’t wanna be caught to avoid being caught.”

Kelly said she hopes these dogs are taken off the streets before they take someone else’s pet.

“She loved me, and I love her,” Cindie said. “That’s the only way I get through this.”