Parents file $750,000 lawsuit against local trampoline park

LAKELAND, Tenn. — A Lakeland family is calling into question the safety of a local indoor recreational park.

The family filed a $750,000 law suit against Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Cordova in Shelby County Circuit Court last week.

Two parents filed the lawsuit on behalf of their son, who was injured on a rope course at the park in Sept. 2017.

“He was given a harness by an employee, and after he had the harness on he was told he was ready to go,” the family claims in the complaint.

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“(The child) was going up the climbing pole to the top, he fell off, landing on the ground below sustaining serious injury to his legs,” the lawsuit continues. “Employees failed to secure the lanyard rope, which was designed to prevent patrons from falling.”

The child fell 12 to 15 feet. According to the complaint, he is “permanently disabled.”

A spokesperson for Urban Air Trampoline provided a statement to FOX13 in a voicemail.

“Urban Air is committed to ensuing the highest levels of safety to our guests and employees,” the spokesperson said. “We focus on meeting and exceeding industry standards in our training and operating procedures."

Urban Air representatives would not discuss the specifics of the lawsuit, but did say the family signed a waiver.

The waiver, which can be found at this link, warns parents of potential risks that can result in injury, including minor injuries, serious injuries, and "catastrophic injuries."

After signing the waiver, parents also acknowledge Urban Air will not pay for medical expenses.

“Participant acknowledges that the protected parties will not pay for any cost or expenses incurred by participant if participant is injured,” the waiver says.

FOX13 called the family’s attorney three times, but never received a call back. The family also did not return FOX13’s message requesting additional comment.

The family claims Urban Air employees failed to do their jobs, and Urban Air failed to adequately train employees on safety precautions, among other allegations.

The family is suing the adventure park for $750,000 in damages to cover “all past, present and future medical expenses associated with treatment of his medical condition.”

The money would also cover lost wages, since the parents said they “lost time from work” because of the fall.

Nationally, injuries at trampoline parks are an "emerging concern," according to a study published in the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The study found a “significant” increase in patients visiting emergency departments due to injuries at trampoline parks, as the recreational trend becomes more popular in cities across the U.S.

“Additional investigation and strategies are need to prevent injury at trampoline parks,” the study concluded.

FOX13 talked to parents outside the trampoline park in Cordova, who take their kids to the parks to let them burn energy.

Tim Ware, a parent in Shelby County, said employees at the indoor parks need to remain focused.

“I want every employee looking at my daughter the same way they would look at a family member of theirs,” Ware said. “Say, ‘Hey, we have a responsibility to do everything in our power to make sure this kid is safe.’”