Parents find 15-year-old daughter dead in bathtub

WATCH: Parents find 15-year-old daughter dead in bath tub

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Pediatric neurologist are reminding parent tonight of the very dangerous signs of seizures and what you should do if your child should have one.

The family of 15-year-old Sylvia Jones say the last few days have been hard.

Jones was in the bath tub when she had a seizure.

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Sylvia’s sister Andrea Wilson and her god mother Alfreda Rice told me Jones suffered from seizures since she was a baby.

Sylvia drowned in the tub.

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“My mama called us to get there quickly because she was floating under water,” Wilson said.

Wilson shared just like her sister she suffers from seizers too.

"She was pretty much like a best friend to me,” Jones said

Rice says Sylvia had taken her medicine before getting in the tub the day she died.

“It’s really a double tragedy. First of all, Sylvia passing away. Second of all, She was all alone and not able to help herself,” Rice said.

"Every year we have folks that have seizures that are not controlled and they get around water and somebody is not there and unfortunately they drown,” Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital neurologist Dr. James Wheless said.

Wheless says the signs when a seizure is happening could vary by the person.

"There are some folks that have convulsive seizures which are the most common one people recognize they have no warning at all,” Wheless said.

Rice says with Sylvia’s untimely death comes another blow to the family.

“The ironic thing about it, because she was sickly when she was born she had insurance coverage and all of these years she has had insurance coverage until last month,” Rice said.

The family says prayer and help to lay Sylvia to rest is what they need.

“The bible says we have to be helpers one to another and now is the time we can show our love for one another by being helpers one to another,” Rice said.

The family FOX13 they plan to bury 15 year old Sylvia Jones Saturday but again they need help paying for the funeral.

To support the family here is a link to the Go Fund Me account