Parents outraged after video shows food covered in mold served to Shelby County students

SHELBY CO., Tenn. — Parents are outraged after a video circulated social media after food service workers served moldy food at a Shelby County school.

A student took the video inside Ridgeway High School on Monday that shows several moldy waffles inside a bag.

The school said the staff didn’t follow the food storage guidelines and will punish the employees who are responsible.

When FOX13 showed people the video, they couldn’t believe it.

“Somebody needs to take a better look at what they are serving,” said Paula Forrest.

The mother of the student who took the video said her kids have become sick after eating at the cafeteria in the past.

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The video was posted on Facebook then shared several times.

Theresa Wells was shocked when she saw the video on Facebook.

“I hope they take care of that really soon. Maybe someone dropped the ball, but I hope they can figure out what it is and get it cleaned out,” said Wells.

Shelby County Schools officials said staff didn’t follow the food storage guidelines. The spokesperson said whoever is responsible will be punished.

Parents said they are thinking twice about letting their kids eat at school.

“I would hate for my child to get sick from some rancid food, E. Coli… that’s very dangerous for children,” said Wells.

Below is the full statement from Shelby County Schools:

"We take food quality and safety very seriously, and our school nutrition staffs are required to follow strict procedures to ensure the freshest possible food items are always being served. Employees are trained to properly store, handle, rotate and label items to avoid compromising food quality and safety. Unfortunately, a few students were served food items that do not meet our standards for quality, freshness and safety. This incident is due to food storage guidelines not being followed properly, and staff members who were responsible will face disciplinary consequences. We will also be conducting a refresher training tomorrow morning to review Standard Operating Procedures with the management team that supports school nutrition supervisors daily. Additionally, school supervisors will complete training with their staffs over the next few days."