Parents upset about possible cell tower near Germantown elementary school

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — An online petition is circulating against a proposed cellphone tower on the campus of a Germantown elementary school.

Several parents are concerned the tower could cause health risks.

Parents at Dogwood Elementary School told FOX13 they have been writing letters to city officials for months against this.

One parent said she would consider taking her daughter out of school because she believes the cell tower could cause major health risks.

The plan was shown to the Board of Zoning and Appeals back in December 2018.

“There are numerous studies that call all sorts of health defects of radio frequency and radiation,” said Jennifer Bell, a parent of a second grader. “We have a hard decision to make. We don’t know if we will send her to her old school or take a risk and stay.”

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Robbie Davis is also speaking out against the cell tower. She said she has written to city officials several times about her concerns.

Davis showed FOX13 a study she said is from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It said living near cell towers can increase the risk for headaches, memory problems and other issues.

“I think if enough of the community is concerned to voice an opinion and with this petition that’s circulating, we can beg the city to change the location of the tower,” Davis said.

Meanwhile, Alderman Rocky Janda told FOX13 he has researched it but has not found anything legitimate. Janda said the cell tower would help with cell service in the area.

Although, parents told FOX13 they are not sure it is worth the risk.

FOX13 reached out to the city and school district. It is unclear what the next step in the process is.

The design and review commission will review the plans for the tower on March 26.

After this the Board of Mayor and Alderman will look at the plan for the final stage of approval.