• Parents voice opinions on how millions of dollars should be spent in Alcorn County School District

    By: Marius Payton


    A passionate meeting over how millions of dollars should be spent in the Alcorn County School District was held Monday night in Corinth.

    Some parents think the proposal on how the 4 and a quarter million dollar bond is divided between the schools is bad math.

    FOX13 was in Corinth for the meeting and found the superintendent wanted the majority of the money to go to one school.


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    That’s where many people in the community had an issue. Alcorn County School superintendent Larry Mitchell’s proposal had nearly 2.1 million dollars going to Kossuth High School.  

    While another school in the district, Biggersville High, would get just $376,000.

    It was standing room only in Monday’s Alcorn County School Board meeting and tensions were high. 

    “It very unprofessional for a school board member to solicit folks to come to a board meeting to raise the devil. That’s wrong," said Larry Mitchell, Alcorn County School Board Superintendent. 

    At stake, how the board would spend a 4.25 million dollar bond between the schools. Many believe a proposal by the superintendent showed favoritism towards Kossuth High. 

    “How can you say that children at one school are worth $500 more than children at another school,” said Dawn Smith, a concerned parent. 

    “When you start looking at the number break down, it ended up our school was getting less than 10% of the money. You had another school that was receiving well over 50%,” added Trint Baggett, another parent fighting for equality within the district. 

    Parents told Fox13, Kossuth High is 98-percent white, while Biggersville has the highest minority attendance in the district. They said equality and need should be at the forefront of deciding who receives the money. 

    “We would appreciate you looking at the way that money is divided and dividing it evenly between our schools even based per-pupil,” said another parent. 

    After very little debate, the board sided against the superintendent, splitting the money evenly per student to all of the schools in the district. 

    “That’s something that these students deserve, and that’s all we want for it to be fair,” added Baggett. 

    Splitting the money per student has Kossuth still getting a larger piece of the pie but not nearly the 2.1 million dollars the superintendent proposed, and now instead of $376,000, Biggersville High will now receive close to $600 thousand.

    We asked the superintendent for an interview before the meeting. He denied.

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