• Parkway Village vandals caught on tape

    By: Courtney Mickens


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Michael McKinney has lived on Navaho Avenue in Parkway Village for the past eight years.

    He said the neighborhood is usually peaceful, but the night of October 26 was different. 

    "Between the time of 7:50 to 7:56 I heard a loud boom," McKinney said. 

    "It sounded like a gunshot, but it wasn't a gunshot so I immediately stepped outside, walked down the driveway and saw my neighbor's car window busted." 

    Surveillance video captured on McKinney's security camera shows the vandals in the act. 

    Four young people can be seen tampering with McKinney's mailbox. 

    Moments later the group starts throwing bricks at various homes on the street before running away.

    "From the video we saw that my neighbor's front windows were busted," McKinney explained. 

    "They threw a brick at my house, but they didn't hit anything and they also busted my neighbor next door's car window." 

    McKinney said he and other neighbors didn't recognize the people in the video.

    FOX13 did some digging and discovered police were called to the area 436 times in the last 90 days. 

    Sixty of those calls were for vandalism. 

    "I hope that the parents see these kids on the video and try to reprimand them before they end up in jail for unknown reason." 

    Anyone with information is encouraged to call police at 528-CASH.

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