PB&J Towing under fire after improperly towing and booting cars, complaints say

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If your car has ever been towed or booted in Memphis, it was probably done by PB&J. Now, one of the biggest towing companies in Memphis could get hit with thousands of dollars in fines for violating city code.

PB & J Towing had to respond to eight complaints from people who said the company treated them unfairly.

Local attorney John Mark told his complaint to the City of Memphis Permit Office. "I saw my girlfriend’s car being towed away," Marek told FOX13.

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PB&J tows up to 6,000 cars a year.

He had his case heard before an administrator because he claims the company towed his car from a parking lot that did not have signs posted to warn him.

The company fought back against every complaint, calling them false.

"We have been targeted ever since I have worked for PB &J," said employee Issac Herron.

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He told FOX13 if someone can't see the signs warning them of being towed or booted, it is not their fault.

"Yes, the law requires that of the property owner. The law does not require that of the booting or towing companies," said Herron.

PB & J also said some of the complaints were filed months ago and it wasn't made aware of them until recently.

Attorney Mark claimed the company tried to argue around the obvious. City code states a warning about towing and booting much posted and clearly visible.

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"When you don't have proper signage and you violate the ordinance and you are targeting poor people and college students - yes that is predatory towing in my books," said Mark.

FOX13 discovered PB& J could be fined up to $4,000 for all eight complaints.

The company could also have its licenses to operate suspended for ten days. The company does have the right to appeal the punishment.