Police buy trauma kits for students in light of recent school shootings

WATCH: Police buy trauma kits for students in light of recent school shootings

OXFORD, Miss. — In the wake of another school shooting, police are taking action to help prepare students.

The Oxford Police Department raised more than $8,000 to buy trauma kits.

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Those kits are being distributed to every classroom in Oxford and Lafayette County.

Oxford PD’s Corporal Zach Anderson told FOX13, "we spent a little over $9000 on them and that outfits every classroom in both school districts."

Oxford police turned some scary fiction into a way to prepare for the scariest reality.

A haunted house paid off big time with money to buy hundreds of trauma kits, each coming with a Tourniquet, gauze and duct tape to help stop bleeding.

“We are hoping that these things never get used, but the truth is we can’t put our head in the sand anymore and as things trend nationally, and we see these events occurring, it would behoove us to go ahead and prepare, and we are teaching down to the students level," said Anderson.

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The thought behind the kits is that students and teachers are at the scene first, and they could begin to administer aid before first responders get there.

"We need people to be prepared because time is of the essence especially when you are talking about bleeding."

Police also said the life-saving techniques they are teaching students could also be used off-campus in the event of a car crash or other traumatic event.