Police: Girl kidnapped by ex-boyfriend outside of Wolfchase Galleria

Police: Girl kidnapped by ex-boyfriend outside of Wolfchase Galleria

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A young woman found herself in a scary situation when she was kidnapped on her way to work inside Wolfchase Galleria.

Police said the victim works at Aeropostle, but never made it there Saturday.

The girl's mother told police she dropped her daughter off for work near the food court entrance of the mall around 2:00 Saturday afternoon.

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The woman said her ex-husband called her and said he had received a call from someone he knew who said they saw the girl being taken from the mall against her will by her ex-boyfriend.

The woman called Aeropostle and was told her daughter had not shown up for work.

Police said she was taken by her ex-boyfriend, who is not supposed to have contact with her any more. He is not being identified by FOX13, because he is a juvenile.

The woman said she went to the suspect's mother's house to try to find the two, but they were not there. That is when she called police.

While police were on scene, the victim walked up on foot alone.

She told officers she was walking to work when her ex-boyfriend approached her, trying to talk to her, and trying to get her to leave the mall with him.

She said her ex forced her out of an exit door near Aeropostle and into a taxi that was near the exit.

The victim said he had the cab take them to his mother's house in the 1400 block of Duke.

She said she and the suspect were picked up by the suspect's uncle in a blue Ford Mustang. She said they drove her to a few locations and then tried to take her back to the suspect's mother's house.

When they returned, police were there, so she said they dropped of off a few streets away. She ran back to the house to reach officers on scene.

A family member was able to convince the suspect to return to his mother's house. He was taken into custody and later transported to Juvenile Court.