Police investigating shots fired on Memphis interstate

WATCH: Police investigating shots fired on Memphis interstate

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are investigating after shots were fired on a major Memphis interstate.

According to police, they were called to westbound Interstate-40 near the bridge to Arkansas around 7:15 p.m. on Monday.

The victim told police she saw a dark blue Ford Mustang and someone inside shot at her car, breaking her passenger window.

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The victim did not get a good look at the shooter.

There were no injuries.

This marks the 36th shooting on a Memphis interstate this year.

Those shooting are what prompted the Tennessee Highway Patrol to start Operation Grizzly Bear. That operation wrapped up last week.

FOX13 spoke to drivers to see if they feel safe while driving on the interstate.

“I won’t drive on the interstate for that reason,” Andrew Doggett told FOX13. “It’s been very dangerous.”

According to Memphis police, a majority of the shootings have been over road rage.

“I just wish people could get along,” Evin Denman told FOX13. “Everybody just chill out, slow down. You’ll get there when you get there.”

Louis Brownlee with MPD said, “We have to be sure that we share the road. If somebody cuts you off, if somebody is tailgating you, don’t engage them.”

Still, there are some drivers who don’t plan to take the interstate, no matter how many police officers there are.

“I’m glad they’re there, but I don’t want to be shot at,” Doggett said.

According to Memphis police, so far, no one has been killed in any of the 36 shootings.

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