• Police pull car riddled with bullets over in Hickory Hill, shooting victim found inside

    By: Tom Dees


    Memphis police are investigating a shooting at the corner of Ridgeway and Winchester Road. 

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    Police were called to the Hickory Hill neighborhood just before 1 a.m. Monday. 

    According to police, the victim was being dropped off by some friends in the area when two masked men came up to the car. 

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    They tried to open the door, but it was locked.  Both started shooting inside the car. The two men inside drove away. 

    A 19-year-old was shot while coming home from a birthday party Sunday night.The shooters were masked and are still on the run.

    The driver told police he had just parked his car when an SUV pulled up alongside two gunmen got out and approach his car they try to get in on the driver side but they could not because the door was locked I started shooting in the car and hit the drivers friend in the leg and in the groin   . 

    Marcus Ford lives just down the road from where the shooting happened

    "Last night, I was laying in the bed and I heard a couple of gunshots out here," Ford said.

    He's not the only one, one man who didn't want his face to be showed told us it sounded like the shooting was right outside his house. 

    "It was just a lot of gunshots last night eight or nine or 10 gunshots. I got my kids down on the floor," he said.

    We did a crime search and found out there have been 39 aggravated assaults in the last 90 days within a 1 mile radius of the place where the shooting happened. Neighbors told us they feel for the 19-year-old victim. 

    "A lot of times these kids don't have guidance or nothing to do and innocent people just out walking just get hurt out there," Marcus Ford said.

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