• Police still searching for suspect in triple homicide case

    By: Kristin Leigh


    The woman responsible for killing a pregnant woman and a man in northeast Memphis is still on the run, and the victims' family and friends want justice. 

    “I love my dad and I think he didn’t deserve what he got,” Erikis Tate, the victim’s 6-year-old daughter, told FOX13.

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    E.J. Tate and his pregnant girlfriend, Edwina Thomas, were killed Friday evening. Police said Tate and Thomas were sitting in their car on the 2100 block of Westchester Circle when a woman approached the vehicle, and shot both of them.

    “He had a family,” Lee Tate, EJ’s uncle, told FOX13. “He got a daughter. He got parents. You don't just take away his life. You take away part of the family's life.”

    Police said the shooting is considered a triple homicide. Edwina Thomas was 6-8 weeks pregnant when she was killed Friday evening.

    Police arrested 18-year-old Victoria Seay in connection with the shooting. Seay is charged with accessory to second degree murder. She was out of jail on bond Saturday. The person who pulled the trigger has not been arrested.

    The family told FOX13 they want the killer to turn herself in, and accept the consequences.

    “We want justice,” Lee Tate said. “Whoever it is that's out there, we want you to come forward, admit what you've done, and accept your punishment.”

    Police told FOX13 in an email they believe the shooter knew at least one of the victims. They don’t believe this was a random act of violence. Police have not named the female suspect.

    Dozens of family members gathered at EJ’s parents’ home in Somerville Sunday afternoon.  And as the family waits for an arrest, many questions are unanswered.

    “There has been a steady flow of people coming in and out,” Lee Tate told FOX13. “I imagine 150 people came yesterday, and just came and cried and uplifted the family.”

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