Popular home-sharing site illegal in Collierville

WATCH: Popular Home-sharing site illegal in Collierville

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — AirBnB is a new travel trend, but it may be a thing of the past in Collierville if an ordinance is changed.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen pointed out legislation Monday that makes short-term home-sharing services illegal. It’s something only three people use in town, and one of them is Jim Walther’s neighbor.

“It's been people that have been here for weddings, or for other events, and they stay in the neighbor’s house that travels a lot,” he said.

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Walther said he does not mind the service, because he enjoys meeting people.

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“The only other thing would be parking,” he said. “We do have a parking over here so that's very convenient for this particular location.”

Parking is one of a few concerns Alderman Billy Patton has about services like AirBnB. He told FOX13 it is already illegal.

“It does not allow you to use residential homes for commercial uses,” Patton said.

The change discussed would make renters use a property for more than 30 days. However, he says he can see positive aspects of having AirBnB around the square.

“I think we're going to sit down as a board, and we're going to talk about whether we can draft an ordinance to allow AirBnB  in some format,” he said.

Right now, the maximum penalty for renting out homes for commercial purposes is $50 after a complaint. There is not a set date for the third reading.