Pothole with banana tree in north Mississippi might not get repaired anytime soon, officials say

WATCH: Road projects delayed after city raises in Hernando

HERNANDO, Miss. — FOX13 told you about a north Mississippi resident planting a banana tree inside an annoying pothole on a local road.

Now, Hernando Mayor Tom Fergusson said the pothole will be filled, but an employee pay rise might delay roadwork.

>>North Mississippi neighbors plant banana tree in over-sized pothole

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Fergusson told FOX13 the city is looking into what roads are a priority and said there’s no reason to plant a banana tree in a pothole.

Earlier this week, a neighbor planted a banana tree with Christmas lights inside the pothole. However, a 2% cost of living raise voted by the board of alderman took $300,000 out of the city’s road budget for street paving and resurfacing.

“It hit us very hard. Street repair is one of the main goals I am working to improve,” said Fergusson.

Now, the city is trying to figure out what roads are at the top of the list now that the road budget is gone.

Fergusson also told us the city is looking into possibly sharing some road projects with the county. The city is also looking into other state and federal road funding according to the mayor.