Primary Care Services investigating cyber-attack

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Primary Care Services is investigating a cyber-attack that happened in February.

They found out about it March 3rd, and have worked with the Federal Department of Health and Human Services to investigate the attack.

A representative for PCS said it was ransomware, and things were translated into Russian.

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It is an event that has Damien Anderson shaken up. He says it could happen to anyone.

“It’s just putting your life in somebody else’s hands,” he said, “They have access to all your assets. I mean, there’s no more privacy now. how is it going to start getting better?”

The Department of Justice said more than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred every day since the beginning of 2016.

PCS said they do not think the attacker can access or use the information they took. Still, they said patients can place a fraud alert with a credit reporting agency to reduce the risk.

They also said they started using a new system more than a year ago, and the attack was on their old software.

Still, Anderson said it makes him think about where technology is going in the future.

“It’s a setback,” he said. “You wish everything wasn’t so advanced.”