• Program designed to reduce accidental shootings in Memphis


    Accidental shootings are becoming a major issue in Memphis, city officials say. 

    Memphis was chosen as one of three cities across the country to embark in a national effort to prevent such shootings from happening. 

    The U.S. Department of Justice has given $2.4 million to the project in the form of grant money – some of it has come directly to Memphis. 

    The other two cities in the program are Cleveland, Ohio and Oklahoma City. 

    Memphis was chosen because there is significant gun ownership and a need for more community efforts to prevent accidental gun shootings, officials said. 

    The program is designed to promote responsible gun ownership and safe gun storage. It includes education seminars, gun lock hand-outs and safety training. 

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    According to Gun Violence Archive, five children under the age of 11 have been killed in accidental death shootings in Memphis. 

    Another nine were injured and survived. That number is on par with that in Chicago, which has a population of two million. 

    In Memphis, 2,500 firearm safety kits have been handed out through the police department, churches, and community centers. 

    There are free gun locks at every police department. 


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