• Property owner blames MLGW for major water leak behind two South Memphis homes

    By: Kody Leibowitz


    SOUTH MEMPHIS, Tenn. - NOTE: The property owner told FOX13 after this story initially aired to confirm MLGW had cleaned up the water and fixed the leak.

    A small swamp is forming behind two South Memphis homes and the property owner is pitting the blame against MLGW.

    A leak apparently sprung up in an alley behind one of the homes on East Dempster Avenue.

    “This has fallen on deaf ears,” said Ernest Jackson. 

    Jackson owns both homes in South Memphis. 

    Behind his homes, an overgrowth of brush and leaking water filling in the empty spaces consumes the alley way.

    It’s summertime and Jackson is worried about the mosquitoes. 

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    The property owner said on Friday he began rehabbing one of the homes in November with the hopes of renting it out when he noticed the issues.

    He called MLGW at least six times since the fall to fix the issue, Jackson said. 

    “It’s been running since November. Tons of money down the drain, in the alley, which mosquitoes are manifesting in the alleys right here,” said Jackson. 

    Jackson said he went to MLGW’s Whitehaven office this week in person. 

    On Friday afternoon, the water continued to leak. 

    Jackson said he is not being charged because the water is off in that home.

    He wants a tenant to move in but won’t do it until the water is cleared up in the alley and the apparent leak is fixed. 

    “MLGW is saying, ‘We don’t know what to do. We don’t know what the problem is.’ So right now, I need the problem solved. That’s why I called [FOX13],” said Jackson. 

    FOX13 contacted MLGW Friday afternoon to get the issue resolved.

    A spokesperson for MLGW said that someone is going to check on this issue and would forward what they find out.

    FOX13 will update you when we hear from MLGW.

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