Prostitute claims MPD officer paid her for sex, wouldn't leave her alone

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis police officer is off the job after facing accusations of sexual misconduct with a prostitute.

The prostitute went to police saying the officer wouldn't leave her alone.

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Now, FOX 13 is asking why that officer is still on the force after some pretty grievous charges from even his fellow officers.

This story started with a tip from a FOX13 viewer.  Sergeant Erskine Caldwell's fellow officers turned him in after they spotted him several times on a stretch of Lamar Avenue, with a prostitute, in a patrol car, before dawn on November 13, 2016.

FOX13 obtained a statement outlining the MPD's internal investigation. The report says, "This known prostitute was in the process of filing a complaint saying you paid her for sex on two separate occasions.  She said you would not leave her alone and she felt uncomfortable and afraid."

Caldwell denied those accusations to detectives, but he told investigators he drove his assigned squad car home on multiple occasions.

He said he "rarely" used his in car video camera when he was in contact with citizens. We found out that the complaint filed by the known prostitute then led to an investigation by not only the MPD's internal affairs division, but also the special victims unit.

Caldwell was found to have violated 3 departmental policies:  Failure to comply with in car video policy, personal conduct, and unauthorized use of department vehicles.

He was suspended for 20 days and demoted from sergeant to the rank of officer 2.

This isn't the first time Caldwell has been investigated by his own department.  He's received three written reprimands; two for car accidents, and another for being on a MPD harbor patrol boat while another officer gave a "...pleasure ride" to his family members.

Caldwell's personnel file also contains two commendations. One in 2002 for helping people escape a house fire and another for his part in the arrest of 24 people in a 2007 incident.

As a sergeant, Caldwell was making almost $62,000 per year. After his demotion for violating the MPD's conduct policy, he will lose roughly 10% of his salary. That's on top of the salary lost during his 20 day suspension.

Caldwell's suspension ends April 29, 2017. He will be back on the streets as a patrol officer.