Protesters want answers after the killing of Ismael Lopez

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Protesters held their "Justice for Lopez" signs up high as they marched outside the Southaven Police Department Thursday afternoon.

They demanded answers from officials after Ismael Lopez was shot and killed by Southaven police at his home on July 23.

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Hispanic leader and pastor, Rolando Rostro, said they will not let his killing become another Hispanic statistic.

"This is not just a matter of the police department, not just the matter of a Hispanic man being killed," Rostro said. "I think this is a matter of the police department atrocities in our community that need to be rectified."

The urgency for answers grew after FOX13 obtained a copy of the incident report released by police on Wednesday. The report is lacking details, but there are glaring errors.

It lists Lopez as an "offender" and incorrectly identifies him as Caucasian.

"The report just kind of stirred even more frustration and anger on the police department and how they're dealing with this situation." Rostro said.

Harold Harris is the Democratic chairperson for DeSoto County and a retired police officer of 21 years.

He wants transparency from Southaven police.

"Him being labeled as a Caucasian is unheard of and to have all the blank spaces on the document," Harold said. "There should be total transparency, so you won't have these questions about who, what, when, where and why you're suppose to answer all of those questions especially when a life is lost."

"I think the whole community of Southaven deserves the police department to rectify itself and correct itself and bring the guilty party to the forefront," Rostro said.

Two officers were at Lopez's home the night he was killed, and one officer fired the shots.

Nearly two weeks later, the names of the officers involved have still not been released.

Protesters said it is important to the community to see his face.