• Provisional ballots impact two big races in the Mid-South

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    Election day has come and gone, but now, the Shelby County Elections Commission will start researching and verifying hundreds of provisional ballots.

    There are more than 460 provisional ballots for the district 31 state senate race between incumbent Senator Brian Kelsey and Gabby Salinas. This race is separated by more than 1500 votes. 

    The competitive Germantown mayoral race is even closer with 127 votes separating incumbent Mayor Mike Palazzo and John Barzizza.

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    The Election Commission is taking a closer look at 75 provisional ballots for this race. 

    These ballots represent a mixture of voters - some whose names weren’t in the voter registration rolls and they had their ID with them.

    Others who were in the rolls didn't have their ID's and then another group that wasn't in the rolls and didn't have their ID’s. 

    Once all these ballots are verified as registered voters, the provisional voting board, which is made up of two Democrats and two Republicans, will make a final determination for each ballot.

    The election results won't be final until after Thanksgiving. 

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