Raccoons take over Memphis apartment complex

Raccoons invade Memphis apartment complex

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Residents at one local apartment complex are dealing with a king size issue, and they come in the form of large raccoons.

They said it's been a problem for years and they want action.

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Resident Brandon Robinson said raccoons are taking over the Germantown Falls apartment complex.

“You can hear them in the attic like tearing up stuff. It sounds like grown men walking above you,” said Robinson.

Robinson and his girlfriend Rhonda Orr said they noticed the problem immediately after moving in, and they said the problem is only getting worse.

“It sounded like maintenance was on the roof, and I was wondering why maintenance would be on the roof at five or six in the morning but it was the raccoons,” said Orr.

Tuesday afternoon while FOX13 was on scene, the raccoons were nowhere to be found.

Robinson said every night from dusk until dawn, they make their unwelcome appearance.

“You don't have to worry about crime nothing like that but the raccoons, they run the apartment. You have to worry about that just getting out of your car you see big raccoons everywhere,” said Robinson.

We spoke with the manager of the complex who told us they are well aware of the problem. In fact, he said so far this year they have trapped more than 150 raccoons.

He added they also have between 7 and 10 traps set up.

“It's been going on forever,” said Robinson.

For Robinson, Orr, and others they said that’s little condolence because of the constant annoyance coming directly from these king size raccoons.

“It's not safe. Kids around here, things like that they need to do something about it.”