• Raleigh residents fed up with illegal dumping near rising Wolf River

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - People living in one Raleigh neighborhood are on edge because illegal dumpers are leaving trash and tires beside Wolf River.

    “Tires, couches, cushions, chairs, trash,” said one concerned Raleigh resident. “You just kind of roll your eyes and keep going.” 

    This woman FOX13 spoke with said she's fed up after repeatedly trying to get help. She said she has reported the dumpers before. 

    “We have called city officials. The mayor. 311. We’ve called the police department. None of which has gotten us anywhere,” she said.  

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    Another viewer sent FOX13 photos, giving a closer look then the view from Austin Peay Highway. All of the people who live near the river fear rising levels would cause the pileup to get worse. 

    FOX13 took a look at the Wolf River's flood stage near the pileup. 

    It's about at five feet -- which is slightly above the river's current water level of three feet. 

    One neighbor hopes the dumping will stop and the trash is picked up by the city, before it's picked up by the currents. 

    “We have a city that picks up everything so why would you come and dump in the neighborhood,” the resident said.  “This is our home. We don’t come to your home and dump things on you.”

    We also reached out the city. We're working to learn if they are aware and if this pickup will happen soon.

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