Remembering the Severson house fire victims one year later

Remembering the Severson house fire victims one year later

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It was one year ago today, that families, a community and Memphis Firefighters mourned the loss of 10 lives in one of the deadliest fires in Memphis history.

FOX13 was there Tuesday night as the families gathered to remember their loved ones. This was an emotional event.

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Emotions, hugs, tears and even goosebumps were seen as family and friends remembered 10 lives lost in the Severson Avenue fire.

We witnessed the pain of a family still grieving, but we also saw an interaction between that grieving family and the first firefighters on the scene when the fire broke out.

As the family gathered at the house to remember their loved ones, unbeknownst to them, was the arrival of 3 Memphis firetrucks with the men who worked to save the lives of those family members lost a year ago today.

There were ‘Thank Yous,’ hugs, and pictures being taken with the firefighters, but what spoke volumes were the words that went unspoken.

As a family who lived through the worse day of their life, connected with a group of firefighters who experienced one of the worse work days of their lives, seeking comfort for one another.

It was a goose bump moment for all who witnessed it.

"The fire team here, it shows the love that they still have for my children one year later, and that's something special. It keeps me from crying. I can't cry because it's wonderful seeing them again because I didn’t get to thank them when it happened," said an emotional Veronica Trammell, the mother of Lakeisha Ward.

Ward and her son both lost their lives in the fire.

The firefighters were not allowed to talk about the experience, but their faces told a story of much needed healing.

It was a moment that lasted for maybe 10 minutes, but for both the family and the firefighters – it’s sure to last a lifetime.