Report: Nearly 100 Tennessee schools have unacceptable amounts of lead water

WATCH: Nearly 100 Tennessee schools have unacceptable amounts of lead water

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Parents are demanding answers after unacceptable amounts of lead were found in the water fountains and kitchens at 10 Shelby County Schools, but Shelby County isn’t alone.

According to a recent report, nearly 100 Tennessee schools found high lead levels in their water.

At least 94 Tennessee Public Schools in 30 districts have high levels of lead in at least one water source on their campus.

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According to Chalkbeat, sources include drinking fountains and sinks for washing hands or dishes.

The report shows five schools in Dyer County tested positive for traces of lead with 17 total water sources above the state’s threshold.

Three Germantown Municipal Schools had 49 water sources reported.

While Tipton County Schools was worse with 11 schools testing positive for high lead levels and a total of 64 water sources.

According to Chalkbeat, Covington High school in Tipton County had unacceptable amounts of lead in 18 water sources including a lab sink faucet that tested 132 times the state’s threshold.

Tipton County Schools Superintendent John Combs told Chalkbeat, “This process has been a good thing,” Combs said.

"It has made us more vigilant, and we're going to keep an eye one this stuff."
According to Chalkbeat, most sources flagged were not used for drinking water.