• Reported carjackings in Memphis up 49 percent since 2016, police say

    By: Greg Coy


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The number of reported carjackings in Memphis continue to rise. 

    Two brothers were just arrested for a carjacking that happened in November, and police are still searching for two suspects wanted for a carjacking and attempted murder. 

    Also, a Memphis woman – Tavia Shirley – who is eight months pregnant is in the hospital Wednesday after being carjacked in the morning.

    FOX13 obtained new numbers from Memphis police that show the department has had to investigate nearly 300 carjackings so far in 2018 – almost one every day. 

    Shirley was carjacked Wednesday morning outside her home. Her pastor told FOX13 it is a terrible situation. 

    “(She) was going out to get some stuff out of her car,” said Pastor Ricky Floyd. “Somebody jumped out and threw her down.”

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    Shirley, who is just a month from giving birth, is in the hospital under doctor’s watch following the incident. 

    MPD officers have had to deal with a large number of carjackings in the past two years. 

    According to MPD data, the reported number of carjackings have increased by 49 percent in almost two years. The exact total came out to be 293 so far in 2018. 

    FOX13 also found that the rate of carjacking cases that are solved is about 44 percent, which means more than half of the suspects wanted for these crimes may never be caught. 

    Police said the new problem they have had to deal with is people who make false reports about being carjacked, when the crime never actually happened. 

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