• Residents forced to relocate after apartment manager doesn't pay MLGW, tenants say

    By: Siobhan Riley


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Tenants living at the Grove at Hedgemoor Apartments in High Point Terrace showed us a notice of utility termination they just received from Memphis Light Gas and Water.

    The only problem is, the tenants aren’t the ones responsible.

    According to a notice from MLGW, the problem is with the owner of the apartment complex.  

    The Grove at Hedgemoor Apartments has a master meter that supplies water to all their tenants. The water bill goes to the owner of the apartment complex.  

    Now tenants said they are left with no other choice but to find somewhere else to live.

    “I want to tell the resident manager, you need to do your job, these people putting these families out like that... it made me mad,” said Larry Pylant whose son lives in the complex.

    FOX13’s camera captured several tenants moving out of their apartments Tuesday after getting unexpected news from Memphis Light Gas and Water.

    “As effective July 29th, they’re cutting the utilities off to this complex here and my son has told me they’ve probably had three of four families already moved out,” Pylant explained.

    MLGW sent a notice to tenants this month. It reads in part, “Circumstances require termination of

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    MLGW’s current business relationship with your landlord or homeowner’s association.” 

    The notice is for water and electric services only.  

    “You pay the piper, you pay the bill you do the right thing. If you don’t do the right thing, you need to be accountable for it,” Pylant stated.

    Tenants said their water bill is included in their rent.  

    MLGW said people relying on life support, security devices or other safety and health issues that require active utility services should make other arrangements. 

    “…that is unsatisfactory,” Pylant stated.

    Tenants told FOX13, they’re not surprised they’re getting the letter because there have been a number of issues here like water leaks and poor management.

    “My son was telling me they’ve been through like six or seven resident managers in this complex, that’s ridiculous,” Pylant explained.

    “They claim renovations, but I haven’t seen any renovations,” Jonathan Dunavant said.
    FOX13 called the owners twice.  

    The first call went in at 11:52 a.m. and the second call was made at 4:31 p.m.  

    So far, they have not returned our phone calls.

    MLGW sent an email saying in part “As long as the payment is made by the deadline, services will remain on. There is no action tenants need to take.”

    MLGW said if the landlord fails to provide essential services, tenants may have legal rights.

    One tenant told FOX3 he’s taking legal action against the owner.

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