• Roofers taking extra precautions working during heat wave


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A lot of people can work inside air-conditioned buildings during the hottest part of the day. But there are some who have to be out in this heat.

    Even with the heat bearing down, roofers are hard at work. 

    “We try to be on all the jobs,” DuPree Lytle, of Southern Roofing and Renovations, said. 

    He said he is constantly checking on his workers. 

    “Seeing how they feel and make sure they have plenty of hydration and brakes as they need it,” Lytle said.

    They feel the heat even more than others do. 

    Temperatures on top of one roof ranged from 120 to 140 degrees Thursday afternoon. Dr. Mark Castellaw told FOX13 it’s important to stay healthy in this heat. 

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    “If you’re going to do yardwork, and you’ve just got to do it, then break it up,” Castellaw said. “Do a little bit, rest cool off, and then go back out. Again, hydrate yourself before you get even get started.” 

    This entire week, roofers have been taking longer breaks to stay healthy while under the sun. 

    “Anything around 100 or higher, we do the two to three-hour breaks,” Lytle said. 

    Experts say preventative measures need to be taken with these extreme temperatures. 

    “Hydrate yourself well before you even go out there,” Castellaw said. “So, you have a little wiggle room when you are sweating a lot, you can make it up.” 

    During the summer months, roofers start earlier in the day to avoid the hotter temperatures later on.

    Castellaw said listening to your body is key.  

    If you start to feel sick, go inside. 

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