• Scholar Athlete of the Week: Kari McLarnon

    By: Jonathan Marshall


    COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. - Team MVP and most improved are some of your normal team awards - but a 'Thank You' award?  This is so unique, it had to be made up for Collierville’s Kari McLarnon. 

    “Because no matter what you tell her thank you, she’s very polite,” Lady Dragons coach Lindsey Vicknair said. “She’s a sweet girl. Soft-spoken, but she likes to have a good time, she likes to laugh, and she brings a lot of joy to the team.” 

    McLarnon said it all comes to deflecting praise given to her. 

    “Everything that I do I try to give other people credit for,” McLarnon said. “I guess. I say thank you a lot.” 

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    McLarnon will give credit to her parents, but you have to give it up to her for holding a 4.0 GPA. 

    “It’s really hard as an athlete as a fall sport to kind of dive into athletics and academics at the same time because you really don’t get a taste for the school year until you know you’re there,” she said. “Now you’re balancing academics and athletics well.” 

    Making her achievements even more impressive? She’s taking AP human geography and honors classes in Spanish, algebra, English, and chemistry. 

    “Taking all the classes is pretty difficult but having practices and games really helps me manage my time,” McLarnon said. “So I have a time that I practice and play volleyball and then I have the time that I work on school work. 

    McLarnon is only a sophomore but Vicknair said she’s a team leader. 

    This bodes well for her career aspirations. 

    “I used to want to major in phycology or something like that,” she said. “Now I know that I just want to work with people. Maybe something in management.” 

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