• Scholar Athlete of the Week: Taylor Platt

    By: Jonathan Marshall


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Introduced to high school volleyball in 2005, the libero position immediately stands out. Those who fill the defensive position wear opposite team colors.  

    The player tasked with digging opposing serves at Arlington High is Taylor Platt. 

    “I play the libero,” Platt said. “So, I’m the defensive passer. It can be a stressful role, but I like to do it.” 

    Arlington head coach Rebekah Sanders said the libero doesn’t make the headlines but is very much critical to success. 

    “She’s a hard worker,” Sanders said. “She moves very quickly. She leads our teams in digs and serve receives. The libero is typically one that doesn’t get recognized a lot but she’s very successful in that role.” 

    The junior is averaging almost seven digs and 20 serve receives a game. Platt stands out in other ways as well. She’s an honors student with a 4.09 GPA.  

    “No matter what you ask she’s always going to push hard and she’s a leader by action,” Sanders said. “So, whether it’s in the weight room, or in the court or in the classroom, she’s the one that’s pushing the hardest and pushing everybody else to keep up.” 

    Platt is proactive in her career goals as well. This past spring and summer she participated in a student program at Saint Francis Hospital. 


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    “I was very interested in seeing what it’s really like inside a hospital,” Platt said. “It was very interesting because I got to volunteer in different areas. I even got to go into surgery. It was very interesting, and I enjoyed it a lot.” 

    Platt’s interest in the medial field came from an unlikely source.

    “Honestly it first came to my mind when I started watching TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy,” she said. “But like I know it’s like not exactly the same thing. I know that. But then I did more research on it. I took classes and it became like what I really like.” 

    Sanders isn’t shocked at Platt’s off-the-court endeavors. 

    “She’s very goal oriented and driven,” she said. “As soon as she knows what she wants, she takes the measure to go after it and achieve it.” 

    Platt has a passion for working with kids. Having worked with Arlington’s middle school players, her dream is to coach and become a pediatric nurse. 

    “I really enjoy doing that,” she said. “Because I get to be kind of a coach. It’s also something I’d like to do just as like a part time thing where I go to help coach little kids to play volleyball. It’s just really nice to see them smiling and having fun.”

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