School board members take a closer look at fees for SCS stadiums

School board members take a closer look at fees for SCS stadiums

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Shelby County School board members are taking a closer look at the district new fees using SCS stadiums.

This comes after FOX13 reported about the issue.

>>Whitehaven little league team benched because of increase service and security fees from SCS

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We told you last week the Whitehaven Junior Sports Association had to temporarily suspend its season because they couldn't afford the new security fees.

After Monday's meeting, we asked the school board If they saw our email about the new fees with a link to our story.

Some board members said they hadn't seen our email yet. Others said they were still reviewing the information, but one of the newest board member, Dr. Althea Green, gave us a promise, she said the board must do something – and they will soon.

FOX13 told you about the Whitehaven Junior Sports Association and their struggle to stay in the game, because of new district fees.

Green told FOX13, "Coaches should not have to go into their pockets to pay for their teams. I mean, we're trying to save black boys. What do we look like charging to have practice?… I think the city and county needs to come together and provide funding."

This comes after the school district added a new safety and security fees for using SCS stadiums.

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Now, little league teams are required to pay for two security officers – which cost almost $40 per officer for every hour of the reservation.

Additionally, if the team goes over their initial reservation, they will be charged for the extra time on the field.

The district said since this wasn't a policy change, the board didn't vote on the new laws.

We asked Greene if she thinks the school board should have been involved in this discussion versus this being and administrative decision.

She told us, "it didn't involve the school board because the contracts weren't something that had to come to us as the school board. So, we were not a part of the process but because of our passion for what we do and our commitment to the community to students we involved ourselves to make sure we are a part of the solution."

Greene also said she had some initial conversations with some Shelby County Commissioners about building a joint facility for the youth leagues. Until that happens, little league coaches shouldn't be the ones going into their pockets to support their players.

We also talked to the President of the Whitehaven Junior Sports Association, he said several people have donated to their league, and they plan to finish the season without any issues.