• SCS asking Shelby County Commissioners to roll over funds for 2020 projects

    By: Kody Leibowitz


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Shelby County Schools is asking Shelby County Commissioners to roll over funds designated for projects in 2019 over to 2020.

    The request divided county commissioners during an education committee hearing. 

    SCS officials at Monday’s meeting wanted to move over $63 million from FY2019 to FY2020. 

    According to Commissioner Eddie Jones Jr., the money never leaves the county until the funds are needed by SCS to pay its bills. 

    This issue begins, however, as this month ends. It is 10 days into the month of June. 

    But in three weeks, the SCS business year will be done and in July, fiscal year 2020 begins. 

    SCS officials said Monday the district has projects left that won’t be completed before the turn of their business calendar, so officials are asking county commissioners to roll over $63 million the county already put aside for Tennessee’s largest school district. 

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    “We leave open to [a new board being elected and not allocating those funds] if we don’t go ahead and allocate this money according to projects and not necessarily according to fiscal year,” Commissioner Van Turner, Jr. said. 

    “It just feels like [SCS is] moving money all over the place,” said Commissioner Edmund Ford, Jr. 
    SCS officials said that the district is “trying to be more exact” with their projected cash flow on a yearly basis.

    But there’s a possibility that a change in funding could happen.

    “It’s a possibility, sure,” said Commissioner Michael Whaley, who chairs the education committee. “But it doesn’t change the total cost of the project. It just changes when those funds are budgeted. So it’s budgeted more in line when the actual work is completed.”

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