• SCS board member new job at contracted organization a 'conflict of interest,' member says


    SHELBY CO., Tenn. - A Shelby County School board member began a new job as the chief of staff for an organization contracted by SCS this week.

    Several educators have told FOX13 they believe the position is a conflict of interest and put judgement in jeopardy.

    School board member Miska Clay-Bibbs told FOX13 she will stay by the proper protocol and procedure and recuse herself when the board votes on anything related to Teach For America.

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    Providing teachers for SCS classrooms in troubled schools is where TFA offers help to SCS.

    Clay-Bibbs now works for the organization as its chief of staff.

    TFA receives between $500,000 and $600,000 per year to provide services for Shelby County Schools.

    "As elected, these are part-time jobs. So, as you can imagine you have to have full-time employment," Clay-Bibbs said.

    Keith Williams, from the Memphis-Shelby County Educators Association, said Clay-Bibbs taking the position is a conflict of interest.

    “How can you take a position with a vendor who has a contact with the district for $500,000 seems to me to be questionable,” said Williams.

    According to Williams, Clay-Bibbs in the position could hamper judgement and sway votes in TFA’s favor.

    Clay-Bibbs told FOX13 with her new position, she will be transparent and provide details surrounding her connection to TFA.

    According to several SCS board members, a vote concerning TFA only comes up once or twice a year.

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