• SCS new consolidation plan would close 28 schools, build 10 new ones over next decade

    By: Kirstin Garriss , Shelby Sansone


    SHELBY CO., Tenn. - Outgoing Shelby County School Superintendent Dorsey Hopson's new consolidation plan would close 28 schools and build 10 new ones over the next decade.

    “This could be a game changer for the community when we start talking about 15,000 mostly black and brown inner-city kids in new facilities,” said Hopson.

    The school board didn't approve anything on Tuesday, but this is Hopson's last major proposal as the district's leader.

    In addition to closing schools, Hopson's proposal includes building additions to five schools and rezoning 22 more. 

    Hopson said those changes would lead to a list of potential savings.

    “15,000 kids in new facilities. We'd save about $20 million a year in operating cost that we could invest back into the schools and then we'd save about $100 million in deferred maintenance,” said Hopson.

    Hopson told FOX13 this plan could cost county commissioners about $700 million over the next 10 to 12 years.

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    “First, the [school] board has to agree to move forward with this plan but most importantly, the county commissioners have to agree to fund this new plan because it’s not just about closing schools, it’s about building new schools,” said Hopson.

    Shelby County school board member Stephanie Love said she's all for new facilities, but she said a good education is more than a building.

    “We want to make sure the community needs are met and most importantly, making sure the academic needs are met. When we have students leave one struggling school and they’re merged into another struggling schools what we don't want to happen is to have those students fall further behind,” said Love.

    Schools that could potentially close:

    • E E Jeter K-8
    • Northaven Elementary
    • Lucy Elementary
    • Woodstock Middle
    • Bolton High
    • Egypt Elementary
    • Trezevant High
    • Raleigh-Egypt 6-12
    • Oakshire Elementary
    • Gardenview Elementary
    • Shady Grove Elementary
    • Bethel Grove Elementary
    • Dunbar Elementary
    • Cherokee Elementary
    • Wooddale High
    • Sheffield High
    • Oakhaven High
    • Crump Elementary
    • Ross Elementary
    • Alton Elementary
    • Westwood High
    • Hamilton Middle
    • Goodlett Elementary
    • Knight Road Elementary
    • Charjean Elementary
    • Magnolia Elementary

    New schools proposed:

    • New school in the current Alcy Elementary campus
    • New school in the current Goodlett Elementary campus
    • New elementary school in Orange Mound
    • New K-12 school in the Raleigh-Egypt area
    • New K-8 school in Woodstock area
    • New J.P. Freeman Optional School
    • New elementary school in Hickory Hill area
    • New high school in Cordova area
    • New high school in Parkway Village area

    School additions:

    • Whitehaven Elementary
    • Winchester Elementary
    • Brownsville Road Elementary
    • Grandview Heights Middle
    • Lucie E. Campbell Elementary

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