• SCS school board members discuss grade floors

    By: Lauren Coleman


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Evaluating current polities within the Shelby County Schools District was the focus of Thursday evening’s Internal Board Operations Committee Meeting. 

    The discussion of grading floors was hot on the agenda. 

    Committee Chair Miska Clay Bibbs said the district needs to be clear when it comes to grading practices. 

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    “There’s actually not a particular policy that states what a grade floor should be,” Bibbs said. “There’s something stating what a grade recovery looks like.”

    A grade floors is the lowest grade a teacher can give a student during a given period. 

    This practice has been a gray and inconsistent area in the school district’s grading policy. 

    Grade floors were banned in December after Former Hamilton High School Principal Moneka Smith was suspended for changing students’ grades. 

    “I think we just needed to put a halt on everything regarding grades so that there was no confusion about what that looks like,” Bibbs said. “A child gets what a child earns, and I think that’s important as we move forward this second semester.”

    The committee discussed what possible polices for grade floors would look like if the district chooses to reinstate them. 

    Researching practices in other school districts and requesting input form school leaders were some of the solutions to address some of the grading issues in the district. 

    “When it comes to policy when dealing with our children, we need to be real clear on what it states so that way if you’re going to say something is out of policy they know indeed what it is they should be following.” 

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