• SCS working with state to determine fate of 53 students with unearned diplomas

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - At least 53 SCS students received diplomas they did not earn.

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    “We knew. We knew. They were not eligible to graduate,” said board member Stephanie Love, at Tuesday’s meeting.

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    Now, we are asking what will happen to those students whose grades were changed by adults.
    The question now, what happens to the 53 students that graduated on unearned grades?

    “I can't tell you what happens to them. I can't help but wonder,” said Love.

    Board member Love said Superintendent Hopson was tasked with that decision.

    FOX13 asked the question to Superintendent Dorsey Hopson, who was out of town at a work conference Thursday.

    Hopson replied in writing, “We have forwarded the report to the state and will work with them to determine the appropriate steps for these former students.”

    The pending decision from the state and district may not affect just the 53 students at Trezevant.

    “It is not just these 53. We hear it all around Memphis. This isn't anything new. I can't help but wonder where they are,” said Love.

    Now Superintendent Hopson says other Shelby County Schools will be investigated as he works to restore integrity back to some diplomas and regain the faith of parents and board members.

    “If we don't get this right, and going forward, make sure it stays right then we have done a disservice to the community,” said Chris Caldwell, also a board member.

    It is unclear how many of those 53 students went on to college or were athletes. But the report states that some grades were intentionally changed at Trezevant so students could “play sports and become academically qualified under both TSSAA and NCAA academic standards.”

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